We help companies to unveil hidden information from complex data sets and deliver valuable business insights to boost the understanding of companies’ eco-systems, their customers and competitors as well as their processes.

Our speciality is helping SMEs who are collecting large amounts of data but don’t have the ability to use it. We provide the resources and expertise to convert that data into added value.

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Being experts in statistics, analytics and cutting-edge data science approaches, we resort to a variety of analytical techniques, tailored exactly to the field of application and the respective problem.

These techniques range from classical statistics and predictive modelling to machine learning and deep learning approaches.

As specific industry problems may require additional approaches for problem solving, we are also integrating other mathematical disciplines like optimization techniques, combinatorics or numerical analysis based on our general expertise in the mathematical field.


Our experience in tier 1 management consulting enables us to provide professional consulting services to our clients tailored to their respective needs.

Our core strength is to combine comprehensive business knowledge with deep data science skills to boost business insights along multiple dimensions.

While always keeping a strong link to data in our project work, we are offering a broad range of services, ranging from project management, market and competitor analysis to process design, strategy development and implementation.


Our project work is profoundly supported by comprehensive industry experience gained in various senior management and scientific roles across segments.

We are leveraging our business knowledge in:

to develop statistical models in the most efficient manner, as we do have a broad understanding of the challenges related to corporate structures, communication, production and data transformation processes.


UNVEIL-IT was founded in 2018 by Christian Niemetz with the aim to solve complex business problems across multiple industries via cutting-edge data science. Christian holds a PhD in statistics (promotio sub auspiciis praesidentis) and has comprehensive industry experience from his previous work at a tier 1 management consulting firm as well as senior management roles in banking and technology.

The company is cooperating with European research institutes as well as international data science experts and consultants to continuously provide state-of-the-art knowledge to its clients and to deliver top-notch services.